Friday, 4 July 2008

Polka Dotty

It is a sad fact but as a guy you don’t get too much choice when it comes to High Street fashion. Unless you are prepared to wander off the beaten track and hunt out something different you are pretty likely to end up looking like every other guy on the street. In the name of individual style it can be quite hard to strike out on your own.

Stripes and Checks have been the order of the day forever-more and the retro logo print T-shirt is back with a more than tedious tenacity.

However, fear not chaps. I have been noticing quite a lot of menswear coming through with Polka Dot and other tasty Retro Geometric prints. It’s all a bit 1960’s. This to my mind is never a bad thing.

Here is a picture of Primal Screams front man, Bobby Gillespie, looking rather suave and making my point perfectly.

I personally love myself stupid in this little number from Topman (I have one in Green as well) and am hunting out all the Polka Dottage I can.

So just say no to tired stripes, checks and T-shirts that look like an Opticians Eye Test board.

Geometry and uniform patters are the way forward.

Trust me.

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