Thursday, 3 July 2008

It's ok, I know there's a snake on my arm and a frog on my bag, I'm fine with it

I will confess I recently spent a crazy amount of money on a Marc Jacobs Rana bag, the one with the frog clasp. It has a big gold frog on it, with beautiful shiny jewel eyes. It's a little bit mad looking but gorgeous.
I think it is the time to embrace eccentric fashion. It's ok people, you are not going to step out looking like Helena Bonham Carter just because you adorn yourself with a slightly offbeat bangle. Anyway Helena rocks a little bit doesn't she? Maybe? The English are supposed to be a bit eccentric, quirky fashion is what we are good at.
There is nothing better than wearing something that makes you smile and it's great to see quirky fashion on others. Life's too short for beige shirt dresses and flat sandals. No, wear a snake bangle on your arm or an big art deco belt, throw your work colleagues a fashion curveball.
There's lovely statement heels around, Prada did it last season with their flower stem heels and Mui Mui with their sculptured gold trimmed creations. Now the high street are creating their own versions. Kurt Geiger's latest ad campaign has some lovely shoes with three stacked balls for a heel. These Lotus heels rock. I got them in black. They are excellent and make you look like you are drinking in an 80's wine bar, maybe the Dagmar in Eastenders (that's going back a few...). It's time to make a statement.

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